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Updated: Nov 4

Guest Room Journal, a unique quarterly journal in response to the pandemic, will appear in-part online with the full version available in print everywhere online and in bookstores.

Mission Statement

To uplift. To inspire. Guest Room Journal publishes intelligent commentary, inspiring personal narratives, interviews, humor, and quality poetry. During a time when inspiration, rational thought, and connection is needed most, the Guest Room is a space for well-crafted content that’s healthy for its readers professionally, emotionally, and intellectually. Guests of the journal include new and returning contributors with pieces perpetuating our best human traits: ingenuity, humor, creativity, and most importantly, hope, in an era when social distancing means many rely on “social” media for information and contact, as it permeates our culture with toxic tribalism, outrage, extremism, and misinformation. 

We all can move closer to becoming our best selves, whatever that looks like for each of us in this moment. Guest Room Press is where writers become. Guest Room Journal is where we all become. 

Guest Room Journal includes five sections:

Tasty Opinions with a Sweet Side of Facts

explores or critiques various aspects of culture as written by critical thinkers and creatives with strong opinions based in knowledge and solid research. 


features interviews with Guest creatives, entrepreneurs, and experts in their fields. Want professional and creative inspiration? Find it here.

Tell Me a Story from Your Life

emphasizes personal growth through lived experience. Guests share personal narrative essays meant to inspire on every topic and life-stage: parenting, divorce, career, loss, spirituality, illness, mysticism, aging, addiction, dating, and coping with the many personal fall-outs of the pandemic. 

Wooden Nickels is humor from returning contributors and Guest humorists. That old saying, “don’t accept any wooden nickels, kid” applies here. Don’t listen to us. We’re completely full of it. Okay, not always, like a broken clock is right when the early bird catches the fish he taught the man to catch or whatever. Our first returning humorist, funny dude and former physicist, and one of the editor’s three friends, Dave Lomely, contributes episodic screenplays. The first to be featured is his screenplay about a couple who frequently attempts to summon Cthulhu, which totally makes sense, I mean, like, to Dave. 


High quality poetry of an uplifting nature from established poets and emerging voices, poetry on seeing beauty and life inside and in our surround.

Submission Guidelines

Seeking one-time contributors and returning contributors with episodic pieces. Seeking narrative essays and flash memoir of no more than 2,500-ish words (no minimum). Seek written interview subjects, art, and photography. Previously published pieces accepted. Unfortunately, this is a startup. I hope to keep my press afloat with the proceeds and someday be able to pay contributors. I currently pay in one contributor’s copy and a 30% discount on subsequent copies (+ shipping).

Please reach out with questions. Send submissions in MS Word format or pasted into body of email to publisher@guestroompress.com

Thanks for your interest. Hope to hear from you soon!

Andréa Fekete, Guest Room Press CEO, Editor-in-Chief

Guest Room Press is a member of the Independent Book Publisher's Association

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