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Holiday Specials on books from Guest Room Press!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Email publisher@guestroompress.com to get in touch with the authors for special author-direct holiday deals.

Guest Room Press is proud to present artist and humorist, Chet Lowther, and his first book, Trumpty Dumpty and the Great Wall: A Cautionary Tale, on sale from every major online retailer Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, but order directly from the author to get an autographed copy at 10% off until New Year’s Day!

(Pictured: Chet Lowther. Photo credit: David Stephenson)

Trumpty, nursery rhyme satirical picture book for adults, uses humor to criticize the most disturbing undertones of the Trump hideoustration, er, administration. Featuring cameos by Stormy Daniels, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Vladimir Putin, and all Trump’s favorite flying monkeys!

One anonymous reviewer said “this book is about a genius. Nobody knows as much about wall building than this guy, nobody! Not in the history of the world. Not even before that. This book is terrific. It’s tremendous. I didn’t read it. I can’t read, but I like his skin tone. What else can I say? Buy this book, or you’re fired.”

(Pictured: Cover of Trumpty Dumpty by Chet Lowther)

Guest Room has redesigned Waters Run Wild’s cover, so now until December 31st, order 2 copies of Waters Run Wild from the author directly and get your 2nd book half-off. Also available full-price from major online retailers and in bookstores.

(Pictured above: original. Below: new)

Waters Run Wild is a smooth ride over rough terrain: union busting, romance, racial violence, and growing up. Romantic 18-year-old Jennie, her explosive sister Katie, teen brothers Isaac, Ezra, and baby sister ‘Little Bird’ struggle to thrive in the violent coal mine war-era of 1920s West Virginia, a beautiful yet rugged landscape. This debut novel is said to ‘rival the classics of Appalachian literature’ and has been taught in literature courses in middle schools and colleges. This is the 10-year anniversary of the family saga.

The American Book Review: “Fekete's Waters Run Wild is beautifully written. The prose here sings with a poet's careful touch. Though the topics are as blunt as a baseball bat to the skull, the language never suggests such force. In fact, the narrative's nature, a predominantly woman's tale, seems to welcome Fekete's gentle hand. The most impressive sections are the ones where non-human characters come forth." -Ryan Stone, American Book Review

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